About Us




Virginia Dainty Designs launched in 2017 headed up by Virginia Dainty creative director and owner to produce designed and meticulously engineered aluminium kitchen & dining accessories. Regarded as one of the worlds most sustainable materials.

Working together with our in-house family engineering company that has provided a professional level of high-quality manufacturing since the 1970s.

Blending quality engineering with good design to produce everyday functional objects, all individually hand finished.

Sourcing all component materials and packaging in the UK.

Our first collection is inspired by Bauhaus the German art school.

Commission projects undertaken.

Made in the UK


All components are manufactured by ourselves in our Coventry factory, using high grade aluminium and machined on modern CNC machinery. Then subject our designs to several metal finishing processes, prior to anodising to achieve the high quality and durable final product that we demand.  Available in a combination of colours, including our innovative anodised drizzle effect, custom colour variations on request.

Virginia Dainty Designs logo is machined onto every individual design as a mark of our quality.